Insurance Claims

Water Damage Claims

Water damage is one of the costliest and most common types of homeowner insurance claims. As a homeowner, it’s important to understand what types of water damage are covered by homeowners insurance and what is not. Typically water damage that occurs slowly over time will not be covered, while sudden and accidental incidents such as burst pipes will be covered by insurance. A homeowner’s first step should be to contact a professional plumber to stop the source of the water to mitigate further damage.

Any form of water intrusion should be taken seriously, and water damage repair is an important component of the recovery process if your home is flooded. This intervention should be quick and effective, and it’s critical to respond within the first 24-48 hours to avoid long-term and short-term consequences of water damage.

Water Damage Mitigation

Water damage can create a variety of problems ranging from paint damage to compromising your home’s structural integrity. Though water damage can occur for a variety of causes, the most probable locations in your home to be affected are the ceilings, kitchens, walls, and bathrooms. Even the smallest amounts of water damage can lead to bigger problems if ignored. Furthermore, problems such as mold and mildew must be handled in a specific way to ensure that they do not reoccur. This process, called water mitigation is the practice of cleaning, disinfecting, and drying a property to reduce the amount of water damage that happens as a result of a burst pipe, sewer backup, or flooding.

Restoration Process

  •   Inspection to assess the extent of the damage
  •   Water mitigation and preventing further damage to your home and belongings
  •   Work to restore your property to its original condition

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